Tuesday, February 10, 2009

See how pretty we are?

Check out our trailer video for Five Women..., created by the lovely and talented Shannon Khatcheressian!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Less than 3 weeks out -- WOW.

Well, we're less than 3 weeks from opening (don't panic, cast and crew) and I do have a couple of things to report.

1) Our set is up! It looks great, and we can't WAIT till we get to rehearse on it! Thanks to all who worked so hard on it!

2) We've had another change in the cast: You all remember Felipe. He was the poor lone guy in the group, I posted his interview a couple of weeks ago. Well, turns out, Felipe's auditioning for some really prestigious theatre program (Like, Yale's Master's program or something -- I'm not entirely sure) and if he gets called back, he'll be out of town for one of our show weekends. So we had to find ourselves a new Tripp, and we did! A big, warm welcome to Zachary Lanouette-Opheim (Zach, if I spelled your name wrong, blame Colleen, I copied it off the contact list!).

3) Next week I'm going to try to have our final cast interviews up, for Zach and Betsy Eames, who is playing Frances.

4) I've discovered I'm a big fan of dried mango. Thanks for introducing me to that, Betsy!

(What? You guys didn't actually think I was going to include a post that didn't have anything random or ridiculous in it, did you?)