Thursday, July 9, 2009

CCT2FT Named in “Scene Stealers You Should Have Seen”!

CCT2FT's Flight of the Lawnchair Man was listed in Joel Markowitz's (DC Theatre Scene) list of eleven "scene stealers" from recent local productions.

Cathy Arnold's Amelia Earhart and Ryan Khatcheressian's Big Jack Preston both received nods from Markowitz as being two of his top performances in recent local theatre. Markowitz includes interviews with both actors in his article, as well as a brief interview with Robert Ullian, composer/lyricist for Lawnchair.

Thumbs-up to the cast and crew of Lawnchair for grabbing a critic's notice in such a positive way, and especially to Cathy and Ryan!

The complete article can be found here.

(And yes, I directly copied the exact same text that's on our website. But I wrote it, so it's allowed. I should be able to use my own words multiple time if I want!)