Thursday, June 19, 2008

And they're off!

So the cast has been rehearsing for about a week now, and things seem to be going smoothly!

Last week we had a cast meet 'n' greet at Tara Moore's (Ivy) house. I hear everyone got along great and had a lot of fun mingling -- I got there late as I had dinner plans that I had made before I knew about the meeting, so I missed the fun part and was just there for the administrative stuff where everyone got their scripts and talked about how this is going to be a lot of work but SO MUCH FUN!

Rehearsals so far seem to be very music-oriented at this point, which is good, as it's a pop opera (i.e., not much dialogue).

One day soon I'll start posting some cast interviews!

Oh, and yesterday was also Technical Director Kevin King's birthday -- Happy Birthday, Old Man! ;)

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