Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cast List Coming Soon!

Today, we are all sitting around waiting with bated breath to find out who the cast of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? will include.

That's about all, but I realized I haven't posted anything since I was here a few weeks ago to post about auditions, so I figured an update would be good. I happen to know that the director (who is a very nice man, I'm happy to say -- I just met him this weekend) has made the decisions, he's just making the calls. So as soon as I get an official "we have a full cast of people who have been called and have accepted the roles", I will be able to let you all know who those people are.

One thing that's interesting about this show -- normally when you go to an audition, you indicate which role(s) you are interested in, and you indicate if you'd be willing to take another role if you're not offered the part you want. That's not how Virginia Woolf works. Because, you see, there are only four characters, and they are all so specific that there's no "Hmm, would this person be better for this character or that one?" Nick and Honey are, as you'd imagine, a man and a woman, and both are in their 20s. George and Martha are, likewise, male and female, respectively, and are in their 40s-50s. So there's no, "Hmm, I really like that woman for Martha, but do you think she could play Honey?" Because, while I'm sure she could (I actually saw a Martha candidate play Honey brilliantly at auditions, because there weren't enough people in that particular group to properly fill all the roles), it just wouldn't make any sense.

My point here being that this had to have been a relatively easy decision for Michael Null, our illustrious director -- at least insofar as any casting decision goes. He didn't have the issue of "Well, I really like Person X, and he could play any of these parts, so where to put him?" Because anyone who auditioned was either a George, a Martha, a Nick, or a Honey, and it's pretty clear the instant they walk through the door who they're there to audition for.

Do you like how I turned a one-sentence "We have a cast but I can't say who it is just yet" post into a stream-of-consciousness ramble about casting decisions and physical type? Honestly, sometimes I wonder if my readers just kind of want to smack me sometimes.

Anyway, when I can say more, I will. But for now, I will leave you all with this gem:

George: Now that's it! You can take over a few classes from the older men, but until you start plowing pertinent wives, you really aren't working. The broad, inviting avenue to man's job is through his wife, and don't you forget it.
Nick: And I'll be your wife has the broadest, most inviting avenue of the whole damn campus. [long pause] Her father president and all.

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