Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome to Taking Flight Theatre Company.

Formerly known as CCT with 2nd Flight Theatre Company; also, CCT2FT.

2010 has been an exciting year for us so far. We've changed our name, changed our logo, and let's talk about our WATCH nominations, shall we?

In 2007, before CCT and 2nd Flight merged, 2nd Flight's Jerhonda Spaulding was nominated for "Outstanding Cameo in a Musical" for her role as Nahebka in Aida.

Last year, CCT2FT had three nominations:
  • Cathy Arnold as Claire in bare: a pop opera (Outstanding Cameo in a Musical)
  • Robin Zerbe as Miss Sandwich in The Elephant Man Outstanding Cameo in a Play)
  • Hans Dettmar as John Merrick in The Elephant Man (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play).
This year, CCT2FT (because that is the name the 2009 season was produced under) was nominated for -- wait for it -- EIGHT WATCH awards:
  • Dawn Parker, Six Degrees of Separation (Outsanding Set Design in a Play)
  • Steven L. Barker, Six Degrees of Separation (Outstanding Lighting Design in a Play)
  • Josh Doyle as Charles Lindbergh, Flight of the Lawnchair Man (Outstanding Cameo in a Musical)
  • Joe Helein as The Hustler, Six Degrees of Separation (Outstanding Cameo in a Play)
  • Ryan Khatcheressian as Big Jack Preston, Flight of the Lawnchair Man (Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical)
  • Susanna Todd as Gracie, Flight of the Lawnchair Man (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical)
  • Haley Murphy, Six Degrees of Separation (Outstanding Direction in a Play)
  • Six Degrees of Separation (Outstanding Play)

A resounding CONGRATULATIONS to the individuals nominated, and to everyone else who contributed to these fabulous shows. And a huge THANK YOU to every single person who has helped CCT2FT grow into Taking Flight -- without each and every one of you, it would truly not have been possible.


Anonymous said...

It makes me smile that I will never be able to look at your new name without thinking of Flight of the Lawnchair Man!

I loved that show :)

Wynn Creasy said...

I really look forward to seeing how this company grows, and what directions you move into. Congratulations on the past and your future awards!

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