Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet the Characters of Humpty Dumpty is Missing!

These fairy tale characters have been awfully hard to get a hold of! Which could only mean that the case of the missing egg must really be getting intense. I'll try to get a hold of the others, but in the meantime, learn about some of our characters here!

Bo Beep - After long days of tending my sheep I like to relax with the other shepherdesses at the nightly village sing along. Some of my favorite song are I Wanna Hold Your Hand, The Sound Of Music, and Sheep Go To Heaven.

Cottontail - I'm the smart one in the family, and possibly, the favorite because I eat all my veggies. My sisters and I watch each other's back, and yes, we also watch our brother's back, too--not always though!

Mother Hubbard - I take the greatest pleasure working with Mother Goose around town; helping the rabbit sisters,
reading stories to people, or just cleaning up any little messes we happen to find.

Princess Rapunzel - Princess Rapunzel has a lot of time on her hands and spends most of it brushing and brushing and brushing her long golden hair. When she’s not immersed in hair care, she writes, directs, and plays all of the characters in her own YouTube videos, but even this is getting old. Basically, she keeps wondering when her life will begin and hopes someone can rescue her from her jail cell…er…tower.

Don't miss Humpty Dumpty is Missing! Final performances this weekend!

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