Thursday, November 6, 2008

Further clarification on 5 Women Audition

I spoke to Susan Devine, the director of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, and this is what she said regarding the ages and the accents:

I don't care about the ages. Meredith should play a little young - that's all. I will work up character descriptions and sides for auditons over the next few days. And - I will ask actors to read without and accent and then with one. I just need to know that they can acquire a little southern accent. But, it's far more important that they can carry off the comedy and character.

So there we go. Meredith and Frances are early-to-mid 20s ish, Trisha, Tripp, and Georgeanne are early 30s ish, Minday is late 40s ish, but those are all flexible.

If you can't do a Southern accent now, start working on it, but it's not a deal breaker :)

EDIT: Reminder that there IS a male character in the show; his name is Tripp. He appears towards the end, and has a good one-on-one scene (and kiss) with Trisha.

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