Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rehearsal Numero Uno

So on Monday night we had our first read-through at Susan's house, prefaced by the Best Brunswick Stew Ever (thanks to Donna Naybour for the recipe!) and an estrogen-laden conversation about babies and the like that probably made poor Jeff the sound guy want to put his head through a wall, being the only male in the room (the only male in the cast, Felipe, was unable to be there, so poor Jeff was on his own. Sorry Jeff.).

The read-through went well. We talked some about our characters, some about the impact of the play's events on each woman, and touched on some ways we can play with the meanings of and reactions to some of the script's more major happenings. I think we're on our way to a rockin' good show.

On a more personal note, I went into this a little apprehensive about playing the funny Georgeanne (even though it was my most coveted part in the show), as my only truly comedic role to date is Brooke in Noises Off, which is supposed to be over-the-top silly. I was afraid of doing Georgeanne a disservice by trying too hard either to be funny, or not to be funny, but in the car on the way home I realized that out of all the characters in this play, I am the most like Georgeanne, and her experiences are experiences I can actually identify with personally, unlike the other characters. So I'm feeling a lot better about that. I can't speak for the others, but I at least am going to have a LOT of fun getting inside this woman's head. I'm so excited!

Next week's agenda for the blog: begin cast interviews!!! Check back and see who I decide to put on the spot :)

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