Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Meet the Cast of "Five Women"!!!!

Or some of the cast, anyway. I'm going to spread these out some over the next few weeks.

Let's start with our lone guy (poor Felipe, he came to rehearsal on Monday night and had to sit through a LOT of us girls talking about all sorts of stuff with regard to our characters -- sexual promiscuity, weight issues, Mommy issues, Daddy issues, all sorts of stuff ... he was a very good sport, but I felt really bad for him).
Typically I like to post headshots of the cast, but I don't have any of today's featured cast members. I did, however, find a cast photo from LTA's The Eight: Reindeer Monologues, in which Felipe played Comet and Laura played Blitzen. So here's that:
Felipe would be the sullen-looking reindeer in the green shirt in the lower left corner. Laura is in the beige suit, with curly black hair.

Name: Felipe Cabezas
Role: Tripp

Favorite roles you’ve played already: Wallace in Women and Wallace; Graham in Cleansed

Roles you’d like to play someday: Jules in Boom; the frat dawg in Red Light Winter; and others whose names I can’t remember right now.
What are some of your non-theatre hobbies? Playing sports, photography, watching stand-up comedy.

What is your dream job? Astronaut

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Anything chocolate. In fact, the more vicious the name, the better. If some company made a “Lethal Fudge Injection Chocolate,” I would be ALL OVER that.

What was your very first email address and/or IM screen name? Why did you choose it? YpshnaAfro. Ypshna was a nickname (which was only really used for a month or two), and I had a 'fro when I made the screen name.

Who’s your celebrity cheat? You know, the celeb you heart so much that your significant other says “Okay, fine, if you ever meet that person, you can hook up once just to say you did it, and I won’t get mad.” Manuela Martelli. Google her. (Erin says: I did, and her pic is below. She's cute.)

Name: Laura J. Scott
Role: Mindy

Favorite roles you've played already: Favorite role was Veta in Harvey, favorite production was Saturday Sunday Monday at LTA.

Roles you'd like to play someday: Volumnia in Coriolanus

Least favorite thing about your character in Five Women: She's a graceful klutz like me, a little too close to home.

What are some of your non-theatre hobbies? Raising my daughter Hannah. Training my cats to leash walk. Pretending I'm foreign when an annoyingly stupid (American) tourist in DC asks me for directions.

What is your dream job? To be part of a rep acting company where I have the luxury of being paid/getting benefits to act every day.

If you had to live for a month off of either corndogs or Big Macs, which would it be? I'd starve first.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey

Who's your celebrity cheat? David Strathairn (Erin says: Just for kicks, I'll give you guys a pic of him too.)

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