Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More interviews!!!

This week we have a cast interview and a crew interview. Sorry I missed last week's update, for those of you who read this blog regularly (Michael) ... it was one of those weeks. But now I'm back!

Before I get into the interviews, I want to take a moment to play Mom: Take care of yourselves this winter. Get enough sleep, drink lots of fluids, get some Vitamin C -- half the cast and crew is fighting something right now, from a mild head cold on up through a lung infection (get better, Colleen!!!!), and it's not fun. I want you all to promise me that you'll do your best to stay healthy. Especially if you're working on our show ;)

That said, on to the interviews!!! First up, we have our costumer!

Name: Melissa Jo York-Tilley
Role: Costume Designer

Favorite shows you’ve worked on: Euripides’ The Bacchae, On Golden Pond, and Ghost Sonata.

Shows you’d like to do some day: I would absolutely love to direct Jesus Christ Superstar. I don’t usually act so I like projects that are challenging technically.

If you had to live for a month off of either corndogs or Big Macs, which would it be? Probably Big Macs because at least you have dairy, protein, and a tiny bit of veggies in there. (Erin says: You know, I hadn't actually thought about that. You make a good point ... you should do marketing for McDonald's!)

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Cookies & Cream!!!!

What was your very first email address and/or IM screen name? Why did you choose it? First name I’ve had is Melsiwelsie. A co-worker called me that one day and it stuck.

Who’s your celebrity cheat? You know, the celeb you heart so much that your significant other says “Okay, fine, if you ever meet that person, you can hook up once just to say you did it, and I won’t get mad.” Brendan Frasier ... YUMMY!!!!

If you were offered free plastic surgery and were guaranteed no complications from it, would you take it? What would you have done? I doubt it. Surgery scares me to death!!!

Name: Lauren Feliz
Role: Meredith Marlowe

Favorite roles you've played already: I was in musicals during high school ... most noteably I was Rapunzel in Into the Woods and Kate/Lilli Vannessi in Kiss Me Kate. Most recently I was Tyler in Some Girl(s) with 2nd Flight Productions.

Roles you'd like to play some day: Eliza Doolittle My Fair Lady ... Christine in Phantom of the Opera ... Other than that, whatever comes across my plate, I'm not too picky :)

Favorite thing about your character in Five Women: She sorta reminds me of myself in high school ... outside the whole spoiled bitchy part of her character (Erin says: Can we say "bitchy" on the air?). I remember trying to establish myself as an independent thinker, as a person who would define herself outside the status quo -- I respect that about her, as well as pity her for trying to do so. It's a hard road to follow ... not to mention that no man (or in this case woman) is an island and every group has rules you follow to be considered part of the group.

What are some of your non-theatre hobbies? I read a lot ... paint some ... watch my shows ... mostly I play with my 7 month old daughter.

What is your dream job? Dream job ... Rich, house/trophy wife? HA! Just kidding. Dream job would probably be an FBI profiler for their violent crimes unit, i.e. stopping super-bad guys.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Coldstone, Birthday Cake Light with white chocolate morsels topping, with raspberries and gummy bears on it too ... Yum!

Who's your celebrity cheat? You know, the celeb you heart so much that your significant other says "Okay, fine, if you ever meet that person, you can hook up once just to say you did it, and I won't get mad." Ahhh, there are so many attractive men in the world ... I would have to go with either Paul Blackthorne or Mark Valley. I don't heart them so much that I'm in love ... but they sure are two yummy men. ;)

(Erin says: Just for you, loyal readers ... pictures of Lauren's celebrity cheats -- Paul first, then Mark. I didn't know who they were, and figured you might not either. Actually, once I saw them, I did know them -- I love Boston Legal.)

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