Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet the Cast: Part ... 4? I think?

Well, we've had some changes to the cast. Do to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, We have a new Mindy. Everyone please welcome Brittany Washington to the cast!

(First, though, let me state that when I wrote these questions, we didn't know the latest developments in Izzie's going-crazy storyline, so the question is slightly dated.)

Name: Brittany Washington
Role: Mindy

Favorite roles you've played already: Nadia in bare! That was such an amazing production to be a part of.

Roles you'd like to play someday: Mae in Reefer Madness, Baker's Wife in Into the Woods, Woman 2 in Edges, CB's Sister in Dog Sees God, and ... this is really embarrassing and I know I'll end up regretting admitting it, but I would possibly kill to play Sharpay in High School Musical. Stop laughing at me.

Does anyone actually like what the writers of "Grey's Anatomy" are doing to Izzie with this whole weird Denny thing? And what happened to George? They've totally slacked off on him this season. Am I the only one who's going to answer this question?! (Erin says: Yes, you are, because I think you and I are the only remaining viewers of that show.) Because I haven't been keeping up with the show this season (Erin says: Never mind, I guess it's just me.), but I heard (SPOILER ALERT) that the whole weird Izzie plot may be a vehicle to kill her off the show, and I hate Katherine Heigl with a passion, so I'm beyond okay with this. (Erin says: Why does every hate Katherine Heigl??? Does she kick puppies or something and no one told me?)

What is your dream job? I think I would like to be a princess. (Erin says: Brittany, get out of my head.) I enjoy tiaras and sparkly dresses and the idea of pretending to rule an empire while someone else actually does all of the work for me. If being one in real life was an impossibility, I'd settle for playing one on TV.

If you had to live for a month off of either corndogs or Big Macs, which would it be? Corndogs! I'm so picky about what goes on my hamburgers that a Brittany Big Mac would just be meat and bread (and cheese? Do Big Macs have cheese? I don't think I've ever actually had one. [Erin says: Yes -- don't you remember the song?]), and I feel like that would get really boring after awhile. Not that corndogs wouldn't, but I really love corndogs.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip, but only if it's the green kind (Erin says: Amen, sister.). I don't care what anyone (Michael Schaaff, I am looking at you) says, the white kind just does not taste as good. Actually, I had blue mint chocolate chip ice cream once, though, and it was acceptable. Does this make me an ice cream racist?

Who's your celebrity cheat? You know, the celeb you heart so much that your significant other says "Okay, fine, if you ever meet that person, you can hook up once just to say you did it, and I won't get mad." Any significant other I manage to pick up is going to have to learn to be flexible, because I have a list, and it is extensive. Adam Brody and Taylor Kitsch are at the top of it.

Our second interview of the day is our beloved Stage Manager, without whom we would be both lost and confused.

Name: Colleen Stock
Role: Stage Manager

Favorite shows you’ve worked on: I think I'll have to go with Le Pas D'Acier or The Steel Step, a ballet done at Princeton University. Ton of fun and very not what I do normally as an SM.

Shows you’d like to do: Well, 5 Women was on my short list, so I'll have to go with How I Learned To Drive by Paula Vogel.
What are some of your non-theatre hobbies? I volunteer for the Flying Circus Aerodrome out in Bealeton, VA on Sundays. They perform a barnstorming show featuring vintage aircraft c. 1940s every Sunday from May through October. It's a fun way to lose weight and get a tan :D

What is your dream job? One where I get paid to do nothing but what I love. Does something like that exist?
What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk. I can eat a whole container in one sitting. Sickening, I know ... (Erin says: I frequently eat a whole container of Ben and Jerry's in one sitting. And yes, it is a bit sickening. But so delicious at the time!!!)

Who’s your celebrity cheat? Hugh Jackman.


Michael said...


no but seriously...

I have a dream...that one day white mint chocolate chip and green mint chocolate chip can be eaten by the same person.

I have a dream that one day the green mint chocolate chip eaters and the white mint chocolate chip eaters will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

Yeah, I just went there...cause it's funny. If only to me...

Brittany said...

I have a dream that one day Michael will learn that green mint chocolate chip ice cream is superior to all others.

The end.

Michael said...

um...I believe the racist saying is:


Green is NOT superior to white.

Brittany said...

A colony of Martians is looking down on you at this very moment, slowly and deliberately plotting your demise.

Leen said...

Ummm....I am a non-discriminatory mint chocolate chip ice cream eater. Whether it is Breyer's White or Eddy's Green, I love them both. I would even put a scoop of both in the same bowl and consume together.

Michael said...

Well, to be fair, if you add chocolate syrup....they both turn brown....

(white's better!)

Brittany said...

I feel like it's a bad idea to argue any further with the man who's putting the butt bow on my dress.

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