Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Five Women Wrap-Up and Dude with Balloons

Wow, I haven't been in to update this in some time. My apologies to everyone for that -- I, apparently, am a big old slacker.

In truth, I was so focused on my character and my role in Five Women Wearing the Same Dress that I completely forgot about all of my other responsibilities, what with having to deflect the paparazzi, meet my agent for lunch to discuss my next project, and I've enrolled my dog in this puppy play group that also includes Sandra Bullock and Eva Longoria's pooches, and I'll tell you what, they are such sweet women but man, can Sandy go on for HOURS when you're trying to pick up the pup to take her to the nanny's so that you can get to rehearsal.

That's all a lie. What really happened was that I was really tired and didn't have the brain cells to be funny, so I procrastinated about posting.

BUT. All that said, Five Women... was a great success -- we got wonderful reviews from the audiences, made good friends who we'll all actually keep in touch with (I'm notorious for being horrible about getting together with people, and after most shows I've done, we all go our separate ways -- but I can say for a fact that I will actually make the effort to see all of these women again, because they're amazing and fabulous), and given me enough fodder to create an entire post of ridiculously long sentences.

Special thanks go out to the wonderful team of beauticians at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in Reston Town Center, who volunteered their time and about 50 cans of hairspray (seriously, they ran out and had to go buy more at the Harris Teeter next door just to finish out the two weekends of the show) to make us look good onstage. Caron, Remona, MariJane, and the rest of the team (I feel so bad, but I don't know the names of the two makeups artists who worked on Brittany and Betsy) were all so kind and welcoming, and I for one hope to work with them all again soon.

For our next trick, we will be flying a lawnchair. Well, sort of. Auditions for CCT with 2FT's spring musical, Flight of the Lawnchair Man (affectionately known by the cast and crew as "Dude with Balloons"), were held this weekend, with callbacks happening tomorrow evening. When I have a cast list, I'll be sure to post it, and a new show means new cast and crew interviews, so stay tuned in the coming weeks for pictures, quotes, and other various shenanigans.

Oh, and on a totally unrelated but totally awesome note, the Great and Wonderful Michael Schaaff has purchased me a BeDazzler, so if there are any requests for BeDazzled items, I am more than happy to staple rhinestones to things for you. My husband told me I'm not allowed to BeDazzle everything in the house, but I think that those rhinestones are probably enough of a pain to take off that if I do it while he's not home, I can probably keep the sparkly potholders and sofa and placemats and all his work clothes. Right?


Brittany said...

Erin, I want sparkly everything. You can bedazzle my hair tiara.

Michael said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BeDazzle something of your husbands!!!

And there WILL be a party with the princess cup, the ab rocker, and the BeDazzler! Make it happen!

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