Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, it's been what, 800 years?

Sorry I've been MIA lately folks. Personal stuff, like ensuring I stay employed, has been keeping me busy. But I am (as far as I know) staying employed, so I figured I'd take a few minutes and post the cast list. At some point soon there will be interviews, I promise. I just have to actually think of good questions. Right now, my brain cells are pretty much just coming up with things like "Why are bananas squishy?" -- and while that's a fascinating question, and I'm sure Michael would love to answer it, most of the cast members don't know me and my sense of humor, and probably would not respond to that email. And also, you guys probably don't want to read 15 responses about why bananas are squishy.

The cast list for Dude with Balloons!

Mark W. Gray-Mendes: Jerry Gorman
Susanna Todd: Gracie
Marissa Quintos Dolcich : Mother Gorman
Ryan Khatcheressian: Big Jack
Rebecca Clary: Blaire
Cory Okouchi: Mr. Frankel
Lori Staley: French Boy
Braedon Kulick: Young Jerry
Jesse Baskin: Ens/Lindbergh Baby
Mark Mariano DeGuzman: Ens/Fr. Ann
Jen Faulconer: Ens/Nena
Jeffery Miller: Ens/Parisian
Shannon Montague: Ens/FAA Agent
Carla Okouchi: Ens/TV Reporter/Bimbo
Renee Rabben: Ens/Parisian
Michael Schaaff: Ens/NASA Official
Stephen T. Wheeler: Ens/Thuggish Bully
Christine Young: Ens/Bimbo
Kevin McCormack: Da Vinci
Josh Doyle: Lindbergh
Cathy Arnold: Amelia Earhart

For those who have worked with CCT/2FT before: Welcome back! For those who are new to our group: Welcome ... front?

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