Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Interviews, Part Un (that's "one", for you non-French speakers)

A new show, a new installment of "Get to Know the Cast and Crew!"

Michael Schaaff has informed me that he is "waiting with bated breath" for my commentary, so I'll try to be funny for you, Michael.

Here we go!

NAME: Shannon Montague
ROLE: FAA Agent (aka Mrs. FAA man)/Ensemble

What is your favorite role/show worked on to date? (Just one!) I did Godspell about a year ago and sang the solo for “O Bless the Lord.” It’s such a fun show because it gives a lot of opportunity for improve and just having fun with your fellow ensemble members. In a lot of ways, the process so far with FOTLM reminds me of that.

Jerry’s dream is to fly – what is your dream? My secret dream is to be a cruise ship entertainer. It’s a career I’m pretty sure my family wouldn’t approve of.

Do you speak any languages (besides English) fluently? If so, what are they? The operative word is fluently, in which case the answer would be no. I even struggle with Pig Latin. I teach English and find simply understanding the nuances of it is enough work. (Erin says: Amen. People really don't understand exactly what a complex language English is. Oh, wait, I promised Michael I'd be funny, and that wasn't funny at all. Um ... okay, how many letters are there in the alphabet? 24, because ET went home. Hahaha, I slay me.)

What are your favorite pizza toppings? When I was in high school, the newspaper advisor introduced me to bacon and green pepper pizza. Everything is better with bacon. (Erin says: Um, YEAH it is.)

What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? I HATE Thin Mints. Just want to put that out there into the universe. I love Samoas in moderation and Trefoils. There’s also this new lemon flavor that’s pretty tasty. (Erin says: Shannon and I just might be the same person ... I don't know anyone else besides me who can't stand Thin Mints. I once ate one in a fit of "If I don't have something sweet right now I might die, and this is all there is", and it actually made things worse. I ended up running to 7-11 for a candy bar to get the taste out of my mouth. Oh, and Michael, no comment-section war about Girl Scout cookies this time ... after all, if Shannon liked Thin Mints, then you'd have to share.)

NAME: Cathy Arnold
ROLE: Amelia Earhart

What is your favorite role/show worked on to date? Must be bare because the cast was amazing and I got to see 2 men kiss and that's really hot!

If you could do only one show ever again, what would it be? If I could do one show over it would be Cats because there are jellicle songs for jellicle cats (whatever the h*ll [Erin says: Come now, Cathy, this is a family-friendly blog!] that means!)

What are your favorite pizza toppings? Pepperoni

A or B? Toilet paper roll has to be on the outside (B) . That is only proper!! And it is nice when folded in a triangle for easy access!

What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Thin Mint cookies are the best girl scout cookie in the world!!!! You can buy lots of them and freeze them! (Erin says: Uh-oh, Michael, looks like you're gonna have to share.)

NAME: Michael Schaaff
ROLE: NASA Official, Walmart Employee, Ensemble, Assistant Costume

What is your favorite role/show worked on to date? (Just one!) Alan in bare: a pop opera (WHERE ARE MY CUPS!!!) and Ken de La Maize in The Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940s
(Yes Erin … I did 2!!! I’m a rebel) (Erin says: Strikethrough'd -- what now???)

Jerry’s dream is to fly – what is your dream? TO RAIN TERROR ON DOWNTOWN TOKYO!!! (Erin says: Michael answered this question specifically to justify the inclusion of his "Michael as Godzilla" picture. Whic is why his headshot is, um, him as Godzilla.)

This question un-intentionally left blank because Erin screwed up and hit "Enter" in the middle of a numbered list in Word. I am choosing to answer this question, which is I think the most thought provoking. How does one answer a blank question? I’d say 42. (Erin says: Douglas Adams for the win. Well played, my friend, well played.)

What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? VIVA LA THIN MINTS!! (Erin says: Sigh.)

A or B? B! It’s so much easier to find the end cause you can just spin it a little and ta-da. I actually will change it if I go to people’s houses or the public restroom (if I can) cause it bothers me. I’m forcing my choice onto other people!

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