Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meet the Cast of "bare": Part 4!

Hello once again, loyal readers (and newbies who stumbled on this blog because they were looking for posts tagged with "Sterling, VA", "Improperly Acquired Street Signs," "Awesome," etc.)!

I'm trying to get better about updating this thing. My goal originally was to update every Monday. Well, Mondays are rough days, cuz I'm usually not awake or functional till after lunch, and by then I'm already logged into my personal gmail account, which means to log into blogger on this account I have to log out of gmail, then into blogger, then out of blogger and back into gmail, which is just too much for my brain to handle on a Monday. So I've decided that Tuesdays will be Update Tuesdays, and I will do the update first thing in the morning (unless my bosses have something else for me to do!) before I log into gmail. It's a win-win for everyone (except maybe my bosses).
We're getting closer to the end of the cast list. I think there's only 3 actors left. And whether or not you get to meet them is dependant on whether or not they decide to send me their interviews! Lucky for you, I know two of them quite well, and feel confidant that I could create answers for them and no one would know the difference. The third I don't know as well, but he reminds me a lot of my brother, so I may just have my brother answer the interview on his behalf. Cory, Carla, and Asher, y'all might want to get your questionnaires in ... you don't really want to know what kinds of bizarre answers the Anderson family could come up with for you!

Today, meet Cathy, Felicity, and Michael! (I had originally typed "And now, on with the show!" but that sounded really cheesy, and besides, it's Show Biz Radio's tagline -- I don't want to be a tagline thief unless it's a really, really good tagline. I can't even think of one I'd want to steal right now. Perhaps Tuesday mornings aren't ideal update times either ... )

Name: Cathy Arnold
Role: Claire

What are some of your favorite past roles? Last summer, I played Grizabella in CATS … what an awesome role to play! It was my first time back into theatre since HIGH SCHOOL!

If you could play any role you haven’t yet played, what would it be? ????? (Erin says: I assume this means Cathy has played all the roles she's ever wanted to play. Well, after playing Grizabella, that makes sense.)

What do you do when you’re not doing theatre (day job, hobbies, etc.)? During the school year, I teach pre-kindergarten at a preschool; I have been singing with a Jazz Combo since 1987; I love water volleyball; I am raising my beautiful 13 year old daughter and 6 year old Shih Tzu.

Anything else we should know about you? I am an M&M freak, I love to watch CSI and Ghost Hunters, and I love to enjoy the outdoors in the summer (as long as it is not camping). (Erin says: Cathy and I might be the same person, except for the part where she can sing and loves the water ... so, not really the same person. But I, too, like M&Ms and CSI, and hate camping!)

And finally, what is one thing that people would not guess about you upon first meeting/seeing you (can’t be something you’ve said already; make it good – “I’m allergic to cats” is lame, but “I once worked as a dancer in a vampire theme bar” is awesome!)? I played on a dodge ball team last winter!! It was a serious sport! Also, speaking of serious, I am a ruthless Scrabble player.

Name: Felicity Ann Brown
Role: Kyra

What are some of your favorite past roles? Topsy in The King and I, Professor Willard in Our Town, Granny in the party scene of The Nutcracker. I loved being an ensemble member in American University's production of Kiss Me, Kate, because the dance routines were incredible. Oh, and chorus member of The Mikado with Washington Savoyards, because that's how I met Guillaume. (Erin says: According to Facebook, Guillaume is Felicity's boyfriend. Probably you could figure that out, but since I had hard proof, I figured I'd pass along that little nugget.)

If you could play any role you haven't yet played, what would it be? Kate in Kiss Me, Kate.

What do you do when you're not doing theatre (day job, hobbies, etc.)? I'm the Acquisitions Coordinator for American University's Library. I'm starting library school in the September. I try to squeeze in ballet classes here and there, but I'm also on the Board of the Victorian Lyric Opera Company (shameless plug: http://www.vloc.org/) so I don't get away from theatre much.
Anything else we should know about you? I like alternative and punk rock … and I like it loud.

And finally, what is one thing that people would not guess about you upon first meeting/seeing you? Nerdiest high school moment: I once soldered together a circuit board for my F.I.R.S.T Robotics team while wearing a nun's habit (it was during my dinner break for The Sound of Music dress rehearsal). (Erin says: If there are pictures, I would like to see them. That sounds even nerdier than MY nerdiest high school moment!)

Name: Michael Ehrlich
Role: Priest, and I’m serving as the vocal director

What are some of your favorite past roles? Ali Hakim in Oklahoma and Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof.

If you could play any role you haven’t yet played, what would it be? Leo in The Producers. If I were MUCH younger, I would love to play Matt in The Fantasticks. I'd like to play the Wizard of Oz in Wicked. Hmmm …There are so many fun roles, it’s hard not to write a huge list.

What do you do when you’re not doing theatre (day job, hobbies, etc.)? I’m the choral director at W. T. Woodson HS in Fairfax. I just finished my 20th year. I’m also the president of the Virginia Music Educators Association. I love to travel, love to cook, bake, read, go to the movies, theatre. Spend as much time as possible with Roger and also with my 1 year old golden retriever Max!
(Erin says: Michael has received all sorts of awards and recognition for his teaching and directing. Too many to list here, but he is quite an accomplished man! Be impressed.)

Anything else we should know about you? I’m not sure … let’s see … I’m a tap dancer. I told color guard for quite a few marching bands for over 22 years. Does that count for something interesting?

And finally, what is one thing that people would not guess about you upon first meeting/seeing you? I’ll never tell!! :) (Erin says; Oh, now that's just mean!)
That's all, folks! (See, THERE'S a tagline worth stealing! I knew one would come to me eventually.)


ShowBizRadio said...

Thanks for not stealing our tagline. :) It comes from when we were first starting out and we had an Internet radio station which played Broadway sound tracks. Our plan was to publish our recorded reviews and interviews to the station, so it made perfect sense to end with "And, now on with the show." Unfortunately, our reviews were seen as commercials which was against the Terms of Service for the webcasting server we were using. So we had to stop publishing to the Internet radio station. But the tagline remains.

We love that you're blogging about the behind the scenes work of your productions. Keep it up!

Michael said...

I feel it needs to be said that Cathy "Awesome" Arnold is...um...awesome.

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