Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Update Tuesday strikes again!!!

I promised two updates, so two updates ye shall have.
In this update, pictures from rehearsal!!!
Director Debbie Niezgoda offers direction (cuz that's what directors do, ideally) to actor Dan Plehal (Jason). I think he looks like he's not paying any attention, but I'm sure he's actually committing her every word to memory; right, Dan?
Photo credit: Traci J. Brooks

Ryan Khatcheressian (Peter) and Dan look very studious. Dan must be taking better notes, though, cuz his hand is moving faster. Step it up, Ryan!

Photo credit: Traci J. Brooks

Assistant Director B. Keith Ryder and Stage Manager Colleen Stock (greatest stage manager ever, from what I can tell) take notes. Lots of note taking going on at rehearsals. Kinda makes you wonder if they ever actually sing or dance or act, doesn't it?
Photo credit: Traci J. Brooks

Yes, they DO rehearse! Here, Ryan practices being a hummingbird while the rest of the cast practices choreography for "Rolling".

Photo credit: Brittany Washington


Michael said...

Yes we take notes...
I'd say we do more singing than anything else (silly pop opera)...
Colleen is the best stage manager ever...
Yes Ryan is a hummingbird

Overall, 100% true. But you should post pictures of the more awesome cast members (ie Me)

CCT2FT Blog said...

You send me pictures of you at rehearsal, and I will post them. I work with what I'm given :) Slash what I steal from Brittany's Facebook page.

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